Services provided by WHS 

Looking for one of the services listed below? See links below or visit the WHS Portal  (CAC required to access this link).

Building Operations
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Custodial
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Pest Control Services
Contracting Services
  • Acquisition Planning – Getting Started
  • AD Personnel Contact Information
  • COR Program Information & Resources
  • Government Purchase Card Program
  • PALT & Cutoff Planning
Resource Management Services
  • Budget Formulation
  • Execution Support
  • Finance & Disbursing
  • Manpower Management
Office Space Services
  • Furniture Requests
  • New Space Requests
  • Office Alterations/Renovations
  • Office Relocation
Building Information Services
  • Base Supply Centers
  • Building Circular Library
  • Conference Center
  • Benefits
  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Labor Relations
  • Military Personnel
  • Performance Awards
  • Training & Development
Research Services
  • Pentagon Library Training Videos
Pentagon, Mark Center, DoD Leased Facilities
  • Athletic Centers
  • Building Office Supplies
  • Collect Customer Feedback
  • Construction
  • Courier Service
  • Fleet Vehicle Management
  • Motor Pool
  • Nursing Mothers’ Program
  • Parking
  • Pentagon Quick Reference
  • Report a Data Spill
  • Supplies and Business Services
  • Transportation

For services not listed above, visit the WHS Portal  (CAC required to access this link).

Are you a WHS employee looking for employee-specific services or information? 

To access WHS employee-specific services or information, visit the WHS Human Resources Portal  (CAC required to access this link).