Individuals with Disabilities

Program Summary

The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes that persons with disabilities have a right to full and fair consideration for any job for which they apply. It strives to offer an environment in which all can reach their highest potential and make a difference for our country. Having a disability will not be a disadvantage to you in being considered as an applicant for employment with the DoD or in pursing career opportunities, once you become an employee. Whether it is working on advanced communications systems, designing advanced avionics, or writing procurement contracts worth millions of dollars, the challenge is here for individuals with the right skills, motivation and attitude.

Most DoD employees obtain their jobs competitively by establishing eligibility on a U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or agency-sponsored list of eligibles. This is done by either having your experience and education evaluated without a written test and/or by passing an appropriate written test. If passing a written test is required for consideration, special testing arrangements may be available, if requested. Agencies, including the DoD, fill vacancies by requesting a list of qualified applicants from OPM. For a very small number of positions, agencies may hire directly without using the OPM approved list of eligibles. The agency may then interview and select candidates referred to them. When you reach this stage of the process, special interview arrangements may be made, if accommodations are needed and requested.

DoD hiring officials are authorized to use special hiring authorities when considering certain people with disabilities (those who have a severe physical, cognitive or emotional disability, or a history of having such disabilities or are perceived as having such disabilities. The use of these authorities is not mandatory.

To request special consideration with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) agencies, see the special announcement which appears at the bottom of the Job Announcement page.

» FY 2022 Policy Statement on Employment and Retention of People with Disabilities 

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