Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) has a long-standing commitment to providing equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. DoD’s goal is to increase the representation of individuals with disabilities to 2 percent of its civilian workforce. To support this goal, DoD established the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). The CAP Office serves the Federal Government and wounded Service members by:

  • Buying accommodations to make computer and telecommunications systems accessible to employees with disabilities, as required by Public Laws;
  • Providing assistive technologies and accommodation solutions to support wounded Service members throughout their recovery and rehabilitation;
  • Providing expertise in solving accessibility problems through the use of software, hardware, and other Assistive Technology.

CAP’s services make the work environment more accessible to employees with visual, hearing, dexterity, cognitive, and communication impairments. Since its inception in October 1990, the CAP Office has provided over 120,000 accommodations. By aligning itself with DoD Components in promoting awareness, team building, and reengineering, CAP ensures quality and timely support to the Federal Government and wounded Service members by working to achieve its mission.

CAP’s purpose is to ensure that all federal employees with disabilities and wounded Service members get the equipment that best suits their needs, at no charge to the organization. CAP also provides accommodations to ensure that DoD hospitals, clinics, personnel offices, training centers, and dependent schools are accessible.

CAP strives to provide Assistive Technology and accommodations to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to the information environment and opportunities in the DoD and throughout the Federal Government. The Defense Human Resources Activity, a field activity of the Under Secretary of Defense Personnel and Readiness, serves as the executive agent for CAP.

The CAP staff is here to assist federal employees, supervisors, and managers. With the right accommodations, people with disabilities have the power to excel. For additional information, visit the CAP website or call the CAP Office at 703-614-8416 (Voice/TTY).

For information on special programs please e-mail us at