Human Resources Directorate

The Human Resources Directorate (HRD) provides comprehensive human resources and personnel security to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and field activities, and select government organizations.

HRD also provides a full suite of services for its primary beneficiary base of more than 6,100 civilian employees and select services for nearly 3,000 uniformed military members. It also provides the processing, management and due process of security clearances for nearly 13,000 people across DoD, the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Capitol Police, and the Congressional Budget Office.

Benefits and Worklife
HRD delivers a full range of advisory and transactional services for employee benefits (e.g., health, insurance, retirement) and injury compensation. We manage the Employee Assistance Program, telework and wellness programs, and giving campaigns (e.g., Combined Federal Campaign). Additionally, we provide Workforce Shaping program management, including voluntary Early Retirement Eligibility/Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment, Furlough, and Reduction in Force.

Diversity, Disability, and Recruitment
Our programs help DoD components serviced by WHS recruit a diverse workforce, including hiring people with disabilities, veterans and students. We help employees with disabilities reach their potential through our American Sign Language interpreter program, Reasonable Accommodation Program, WHS Pentagon Scooter Program, and other programs and services. Through our DoD Expeditionary Civilian Program, civilian personnel deploy in support of military operations abroad. HRD serves as a senior technical adviser on a range of HR issues critical to the achievement of human capital goals, including Special Employment. We develop, implement and issue WHS's annual MD-715 report - a roadmap for creating effective EEO programs.

Individual and Organizational Development
HRD supports the development of a highly skilled workforce. We want to ensure employees are prepared and able to adapt to new challenges and can capitalize on opportunities to support mission requirements. Our Individual and Organizational Development Division is a full-service learning and development organization that offers innovative and impactful learning solutions that achieve individual and organizational goals. Services include the delivery of classroom and online training courses, development of customized training, management of leadership development programs, and the design of research-based approaches to improving organizational performance and effectiveness.

Labor and Management Employee Relations
Our labor and management employee relations programs enable management to address employee misconduct and poor performance. Such action is critical to mission accomplishment and to maintaining the morale of valued employees, while adhering to workplace expectations. HRD administers a full range of consultative and advisory services for disciplinary and adverse actions, leave administration, grievances, hours of work and overtime, and labor relations.

Military Personnel
Through our Military Personnel (MILPERS) Division, we offer military personnel assignment support and services, to include a viable awards recognition program for outstanding DoD achievements to Active Duty, Reserve and Guard assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and field activities.

WHS Ombudsman Office
The primary duties of the WHS Ombudsman are (1) to work with individuals and groups to explore and assist in determining options to help resolve conflicts, problematic issues or concerns, and (2) to bring systemic concerns to the attention of WHS leadership for resolution.

Performance Management and Awards
We give professional and expert assistance in Performance Management, Honorary and Incentive Awards and the WHS Drug Free Workplace Program.

Personnel Security Operations
HRD provides personnel security services for OSD, Office of the Chief Management Officer, Washington Headquarters Services, select DoD Defense Agencies, Field Activities, the Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. Personnel security services include processing security clearance nominations; reciprocating existing security clearances; issuing interim clearances; and withdrawing/suspending clearances and initiating background investigations. HRD also manages the suitability, fitness, periodic reinvestigations and continuous evaluation programs for its serviced clients.

Personnel Services
We furnish WHS-serviced organizations with a wide range of consolidated human resource management program functions and specialized technical assistance. These services, offered in an advisory and customer service environment, include Classification and Wage Administration, Advisory Recruitment and Placement and Staffing.

Policy and Governance
HRD coordinates new or emerging policy developments with HR Directors across the Fourth Estate. We integrate input and respond on behalf of WHS and the Fourth Estate to the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service on reporting requirements, data calls and other programmatic issues. We develop local implementing guidance and Administrative Instructions for use by HRD Specialists and the serviced population. Additionally, HRD hosts the Fourth Estate HR Directors and Customer Focus Forum meetings where new or emerging HR programs, policies and initiatives are shared.

Senior Executive Management
HRD manages all DoD political appointments, executive resources, staffing and performance management actions, to include Senior Executive Service (SES) positions, Senior Level and Scientific/Professional (SL/ST) positions, Intelligence Executive positions within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities (Fourth Estate).

Technology & Data Support Division (TDSD)
TDSD aims to provide technology-centric services design to enhance Human Resources (HR) systems and reduce redundancies through implementing and managing a consolidated suite of modernized HR solutions. Our objective is to provide a great customer experience by improving technical quality, reducing costs, and establishing predefined process metrics and controls within HRD. We expand the use of sound data analysis techniques and methodologies to assess the operational implications of statistics generated from HR data.