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Application - DD Form 2845

A registered SmarTrip® card is required to apply for, change, or recertify benefits.

This application can be used for:

  • Enrollment – Eligible DoD employees must apply in order to receive this benefit.
  • Re-certification – Participants are required to recertify on an annual basis in order to continue participation. Failure to recertify will result in withdrawal from the program.
  • Change – if you change organizations, commuting modes, or otherwise have new information that affects your enrollment, you must submit an application to provide that information.
  • Withdraw – You are required to withdraw upon separation from your component.


Web-Based Application

Use the Web-based Application  to apply for enrollment. Please note that all applicants (unless you are without a CAC) are required to use the web-based application.

This CAC (Common Access Card)-enabled, web-based system captures all required applicant data, automatically cross-checks Pentagon Reservation parking records, properly captures employee certifications, incorporates required ethics training, is auditable, and implements workflow reviews and approvals with supervisors and program reviewing officials. All applicants/participants with a CAC are required to use the web-based application. Those participants without a CAC must use paper applications via the DD form 2845. As per the application, processing time is approximately 30 days.

You will receive email notifications to let you know the status of your application. Please note that you and your supervisor must have a .mil, .gov,.org, or .edu email address. It is crucial that all requested information is accurate and complete. An incomplete application, or one that is in need of correction or clarification, could delay the approval and processing of your application. Please also make sure that your supervisor's CAC email address is the one that is reflected on your application.

See Withdraw from the MTBP for information regarding withdrawing from the program.

Note: There is no retroactive distribution, and annual recertification is required for all participants.


Paper Application

If you do not or will NOT have a CAC or do not have access to a CAC-enabled system, you may fill out the paper application. Processing time for the paper application may take more time than the electronic application.

If you meet the requirements to do so, download the paper application . Please include a copy of the back of your SmarTrip® card with your paper application. Please fax applications to 703-614-4211.

The paper application does not apply to those who will be issued a CAC or will gain CAC-enabled computer access in the near future.

New hires who will receive a CAC in the near future are required to use the web based application. You must wait to apply for your transit benefits until you receive your CAC and are able to utilize the web-based application.  This ensures you comply with the OMB mandates and DOD policy regarding the mass transportation benefit program.

Please include a copy of the back of your SmarTrip® card with your paper application.

If you wish to withdraw from the program and do not have a CAC or access to a CAC-enabled system, you may use the paper application.


User Guides

If you have any additional questions, please email

* The "Allocate" step is only required if the transportation provider does not use SmarTrip® card readers.