The John S. McCain Strategic Defense Fellowship Program is a 1-year Department of Defense (DoD) development program for recent advanced degree program graduates from across multiple academic disciplines. In accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2024, this program provides the DoD Components with the ability to recruit and develop future leaders from across the United States. Fellows are provided with challenging developmental opportunities and flourish into problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and future leaders. The Program instills a spirit of public service and a commitment to the larger DoD community.

The Fellowship Opportunity

Key Fellowship Benefits
  • Full time salaried job
  • Employment benefits (e.g., health, life, dental and vision, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), paid holidays and leave, and flexible work schedules)
  • Additional benefits including public transportation subsidies and telework
  • Program Incentives including Student Loan Repayment and Relocation
  • Professional development and training opportunities
  • Opportunity to network with DoD professionals
  • The Opportunity to Serve!
Program Requirements
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Assignment to a senior-level mentor
  • Formal professional training and development
Career Series
  • Human Resources (0201)
  • Foreign Affairs (0130)
  • Management and Program Analysis (0343)
  • Logistic Management (0346)
  • Financial Administration and Program Analysis (0501)
  • Operations Research Analysis (1515)
  • Information Technology (2210)