Claim Your MTBP Benefits

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Claim Instructions

The monthly claim process is an important internal control that ensures continued eligibility, and it serves to collect participant attestation to the program rules. Participants will be required to make a claim each month in order to continue benefits, and will receive up to 6 reminders to do so during the claim period. You will need access to a CAC-enabled DoD network computer.

Submitting a claim is quick and easy, and should not take longer than 3-5 minutes. You will need to submit a claim every month in order to continue receiving mass transportation benefits. An unused balance from the prior month does not roll over to the next.

Claims for the next month’s benefit are made between the 1st and 15th of the prior month. Cutoff dates are driven by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA’s) required deadlines.

Remember to Submit Monthly Benefit Claim (see steps below).

Failure to submit a claim will result in losing a month’s worth of benefits. No Claim = No Benefits.

Step 1 - Submit a Monthly Claim

Claims are submitted at , a CAC-enabled portal (select your PIV authentication certificate). At this site, select the “Submit a Claim” button to go through the claim process.

Screenshot of the MTBP main page.

Step 2 - Program Eligibility Verification

Read through this section and click “Next.”

Screenshot of the MTBP Eligibility screen.

Step 3 - Acknowledgements

Read through and click “Next” on the following screens:

  • Privacy Act Statement
  • Claim Eligibility Requirements

Step 4 - Claim Benefits

Select the month you are claiming, then click the “Next” button. Claim submissions may be made two months in advance if you will not have access to a DoD network computer during the claim period for that month.

Screenshot of the MTBP Claim Month screen.

Step 5 - Claim Certifications

Claim Certifications - Read and check each accompanying box.

Click “Next.”

Step 6 - Number of Commuting Days and Claim Amount

Enter the number of days you plan to commute and the amount you wish to claim. Click the “I agree” checkbox.

Click “Submit Claim.”

Screenshot of the MTBP Claim Submitted screen.


A claim submission screen will be displayed.

Screenshot of the MTBP Monthly Benefit Claim screen.



Enjoy commuting next month.

For more information on receiving electronic fare media, please see Instructions for Receiving Electronic Fare Media.

Benefits will be available on your SmarTrip® card the first of the following month. If you have set up a passenger allocation account with WMATA or CommuterDirect, your benefits will be transferred off of your SmarTrip® card’s transit benefit account to your transit authority or vanpool. For more information regarding allocations, please see Allocate Your MTBP Benefits.

Failure to submit a claim or forgetting to submit a claim will result in skipping a month’s benefits. No Claim = No Benefits.

* The “Allocate” step is only required if the transportation provider does not use SmarTrip® card readers.