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HPCON: Alpha

Based on the Arlington County community level decreasing from “medium” to “low” on August 25, 2022, the Pentagon Reservation transitioned from Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo to HPCON Alpha effective 0500 on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. (memo)

Key changes from HPCON Bravo include:

  • Pentagon Reservation tenant organizations maintain occupancy rates at less than 100% occupancy, with telework as appropriate;
  • Weekly screening COVID tests, or tests within 72 hours prior to workplace entry, for unvaccinated Federal civilian or military personnel are NOT required;
  • Onsite contractors and visitors are NOT required either to provide 1) vaccination status using DD Form 3150 (or equivalent OMB form), or 2) proof of negative COVID test;
  • Meetings, Events, & Conferences: there is no requirement for attendees to show a completed DD Form 3150 (or equivalent OMB form) or present a negative test result if not vaccinated.

Additional details are provided in the June 17, 2022 memo, Implementing Force Health Protection Measures Aligned with CDC COVID-19 Community Levels on the Pentagon Reservation. The tables within outline the measures in effect at HPCON Alpha.

Armed Forces Retirement Homes (Washington, D.C., and Gulfport, Mississippi) are at HPCON Charlie. Employees and family members should contact AFRH directly or go to the AFRH web site for guidance and instructions.
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