Executive Services Directorate

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The Executive Services Directorate (ESD) provides knowledge management and visual information services across OSD and the Fourth Estate, and provides customer shared services to the Pentagon tenants.

ESD oversees legally mandated programs as well as providing executive services to the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, OSD components, the Joint Staff, and the Fourth Estate.

Mandated Programs - Includes the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act of 1974, the Federal Records Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act, Executive Order 13526, and programs relating to classification and declassification reviews.

Executive Services - Includes managing the DoD issuances program, managing correspondence for the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Correspondence & Task Management System (CATMS), managing Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit and follow-up missions, tracking DoD Inspector General audit recommendations, and designing visual information products.

Pentagon Services - Accomplishes the shared mission in supporting the DoD by providing a wide range of program initiatives, business services, and quality of work-life programs to enable WHS-supported customers at the Pentagon, Mark Center, Suffolk Building and other facilities across the National Capital Region (NCR).

ESD has eight internal offices providing these services:

Audit Management Division (AMD) - Advises DoD Component Liaisons and staff regarding Government Accountability Office (GAO) engagements and recommendation follow-up. Facilitates the resolution of issues between DoD Components and the GAO. AMD assists in timely implementation of the Department's actions to address open GAO recommendations and improves the quality of responses to the GAO and Congress regarding GAO engagements recommendation follow-up.

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Correspondence Management Division (CMD) - Administers policies and processes designed to efficiently and effectively capture and preserve unclassified and classified official correspondence for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense. CMD directly supports the Executive Secretary in controlling, tasking, and tracking all Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Executive Secretary of Defense actions. Key activities include:

  • Control, task, edit and review correspondence; distribute responses; archive and retrieve correspondence; and, report metrics.
  • Compile and provide SD and DSD with collection of their unclassified papers of historical value upon departure from office (i.e., "Chronicle of Tenure").
  • Provide courier services; oversee the screening and delivery of personal (house) mail for SD and DSD.
  • Correspondence and Tasks Management System (CATMS) Functional Representative.
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Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR) - Manages an accurate and timely security and policy review process to ensure that information is available to the Congress, the Department of Defense and its employees (military and civilian), other Government Agencies, and the general public to help them understand Defense policy, Defense strategy, national security issues, and Defense activities. It also:

  • Evaluates private sector requests to review potentially controlled technical data protected under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • Reviews classified data for possible declassification/release of DoD equities in connection with The Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series, which is published by the Department of State.

DOPSR key activities include:

Directives Division (DD) - Provides customers with ready access to essential information by enabling the establishment of DoD policy and guidance, overseeing the collection of information in the most efficient manner possible to effectively fulfill a mission or obtain or provide a service, and establishing policies and procedures governing the creation and use of forms belonging to and used within DoD.

Key activities include:

  • The DoD Issuances Program, including development and oversight of DoD policy, standards, and procedures to provide methodical and structured approach to manage life-cycle of DoD issuances (DoDI 5025.01).
  • The DoD Information Collections Program, including development and implementation of DoD standards and procedures to manage internal and public information collections (DoDI 8910.01 and DoDM 8910.01, Volumes 1 and 2).
  • The DoD Forms Management Program, including development and oversight of DoD standards and procedures to manage Department of Defense (DD), Secretary of Defense (SD), Chief Management Office (CMO), and Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) forms (DoDI 7750.07 and DoDM 7750.08).
  • The DoD Plain Language Program and development of DoD policy, standards, and procedures to oversee the Department’s implementation of the Plain Writing Act (DoDI 5025.13).
  • Oversight of the DoD Terminology Program and development of policy on compiling and publishing standardized DoD military terminology (DoDI 5025.12).
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Freedom of Information Division (FOID) - Implements the legal and procedural requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) while supporting the OSD/Joint Staff and specific Defense Agencies in compliance with this legal mandate.

Key activities include:

  • Receiving, analyzing and staffing initial FOIA request, referrals and consultations for OSD/Joint Staff and selected Defense Agency records; review Component determinations to evaluate compliance; reply directly to FOIA requesters and/or Agency Components.
  • Implementing the FOIA transparency regime as well as the Justice Department FOIA guidance (to include website maintenance).
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OSD Graphics and Presentations Division (GPD) - Provides professional visual communication products and services to ensure mission success for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Defense Agencies, DoD Field Activities, and Defense Components.

Key activities include:

Pentagon Services Division (PSD) - Accomplishes the shared mission in supporting the DoD by providing a wide range of program initiatives, business services, and quality of work-life programs to enable WHS-supported customers at the Pentagon, Mark Center, Suffolk Building and other facilities across the National Capital Region (NCR). These following DoD services and programs include:

  • Armed Force Hostess Association - Provides "Sponsor Packets" containing pertinent relocation and family support information for inbound military to the NCA, especially those assigned to the Pentagon, Mark Center and Taylor Building. AFHA also maintains area recreational and sightseeing information and can provide "Customized Packets" for training sessions and special Visitors.

    Armed Forces Hostess Association (AFHA)

  • Base Supply Center/Self Service Supply Center - Virginia Industries for the Blind (VIB) operates the Base Supply Centers at the Pentagon, Mark Center and Taylor Building. They provide a full range of products tailored to the needs and requirements of the tenants - ranging from general use office supplies to cleaning supplies.

    Online store

  • Concessions Liaison - Provides support to the DoD Concessions Committee as the liaison between the committee and Facilities Services Directorate/Executive Services Directorate.

    Concessions Liaison

  • Conference Center - Provides management and scheduling of conference rooms at the Pentagon Conference Center (PCC). In the process of transitioning oversight management of the Mark Center Conference Center in the near future.

    Conference Room Scheduler

  • Corridor Display Program - Provides oversight and approval for all corridor displays by establishing and maintaining standards and criteria for exhibits, artwork, and signs in the Pentagon and on the Pentagon Reservation. In the process of transitioning oversight management of the Corridor Display Program to FFD in the near future.

    Corridor Display Program

  • Courier Service - Provides daily delivery and pickup services of mail, magazines, and small packages to OSD/WHS Directorates in the Pentagon, Mark Center and leased facilities throughout the NCR. This service tracks custody of all collections and deliveries of mail and parcels electronically.

    Courier Service

  • Customer Assistance Center - The PCAC provides assistance to Pentagon customers seeking information about directions to an office, food locations, hours of operations for different offices, Digital Signage and Special Events information. In the process of transitioning oversight management of the Corridor Display Program from FFD in the near future.

    Customer Assistance Center

  • Digital Signage/Visual-X Program - Provides high impact digital signage for tenants within DoD facilities and a platform for the Computer Emergency Notification System (CENS) to disseminate emergency messages.

    Digital Signage/Visual-X Program

  • Fleet Management - Provides comprehensive fleet operational support for the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) at the Pentagon, Mark Center, and DoD-Leased Facilities. Manages non-tactical vehicle transportation services and requirements for official businesses, to include senior executive travel and tax benefit reporting.

    Fleet Management

  • Foreign Gifts Program - Manages gifts received from foreign and domestic entities through its lifecycle to include acceptance, appraisal, disposition determination and final disposition.

    Foreign Gifts Program

  • Mass Transportation Benefits - The DoD Mass Transportation Benefit Program offers commuter subsidy to Military and Civilian personnel in the National Capital Region as an incentive to use mass transit. In exchange for relinquishing workplace parking privileges, employees are provided their full commuting costs on mass transportation, up to $270 per month. Parking costs are not provided. Benefits are delivered via the WMATA SmartBenefits Program and can be used on Metro Rail, Bus, County Buses, VRE, MARC, MTA Bus and Van Pools. WHS administers the benefits for all employees within the NCR, defined as Washington DC and the surrounding counties.

    Online Application for MTBP Subsidy

  • Nursing Mothers Program - Provides private and secure rooms for nursing mothers in the Pentagon, Mark Center, Suffolk, Polk and Taylor buildings. Ensures moms returning from maternity leave are registered and equipped to utilize the nursing rooms and understand the rules and regulations of the Program.

    Nursing Mothers Program

  • Parking Services - The Parking Management Office (PMO) administers and manages the Pentagon Reservation parking program. It facilitates and coordinates parking requests for all visitors, internal customers and external agencies requiring access to parking services at the Pentagon, Mark Center and Suffolk building. The PMO works in tandem with Transportation, PBMO, PFPA, Special Event Office, and ECM to mitigate disruption of our ability to park our customers. PMO is located in Room 2D1039, Pentagon Concourse adjacent to the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

    Parking Management Office

  • Pentagon Athletic Center (PAC) - The PAC provides for the physical and mental readiness of Department of Defense military, civilians, retirees and contractors by providing clean sanitary facilities and first class customer service. In addition, PAC also has two annexes, the Taylor Building and Mark Center. PAC amenities include racquetball courts, a six lane pool, two hot tubs, a 1/9 mile indoor running track, 100 plus pieces of weight equipment, a cardio room with the latest Life fitness equipment and an area devoted entirely to Functional Fitness. Services offered include one on one personal training, free towel service and complimentary Wi-Fi.

    PAC website

  • Supplies and Business Services - Provides OSD customers with office supplies (paper, stationary, agency seals, flags, replica flags, safes, fax machines, etc.)

    Supplies and Business Services

  • Transportation Management Services - Provides comprehensive transportation management services to the Pentagon, Mark Center, and Suffolk Building. Establishes, coordinates, facilitates, and implements transportation requirements with stakeholders through effective strategic planning, operational support, emergency and fleet management. Also provides managerial and operational oversight of multi-modal systems that operate and support DoD customers' transportation and commuting needs. Providing a timely proactive communication outreach, education and information sharing to meet the daily needs of Pentagon employees.

    Transportation Management Program

  • Welfare & Recreation Association (WRA) - Participates as a board member, votes on operating budget, financial reports and policy changes. Distributes WRA benefit cards to OSD and WHS employees, and approves requests for replacement cards.

    Welfare & Recreation Association (WRA)

Records and Declassification Division (RDD) - The Records and Declassification Division oversees the implementation, operation and sustainment of the OSD Records & Information Management Program, OSD Declassification Programs, and OSD Historical Research Program in support of the Secretary of Defense and DoD. The Records and Declassification Division oversees the Privacy Program for the WHS Directorates.

Additional information about Records and Declassification Division (RDD).