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Past Notices

Important Notice

Effective June 29, 2014, Metro will be raising fares for Metro Rail and Metro Bus.

The maximum monthly allowable benefit limit remains $130 per month for 2014.


If your route has a new fare or your commute will be changing as a result of the WMATA fare changes, please submit a change application to correctly certify your new commuting costs. The application may be found at It is important to update your commuting expenses to reflect your total cost, because if Congress increases the monthly benefit limit, this cost will be used to adjust your benefit amount provided.

Metro's new rates can be found using the Metro Trip Planner available at Please be sure to set the Trip Planner's date to June 30, 2014 or later and adjust the "Leaving After" time to your normal commuting time.

General rate increase information

Metrorail - Peak fares: $2.15 minimum to $5.90 maximum Metrorail - Off-peak fares: $1.75 minimum to $3.60 maximum

Metrobus - local or limited-stop bus: $1.75 Metrobus - Express bus: $4


If your SmarTrip card is ever lost or broken, your benefits can be reassigned to a new card in just a few easy steps! You can view these directions online at:

Important Notice

Important Notice (December 2013)

The maximum monthly statutory limit for transit benefits is set to decrease from $245 to $130 in 2014.

In January 2013, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R.8) temporarily raised the transit benefit statutory limit to $245 per month. This new amount was not intended to be permanent and expires at the end of 2013.

Unless a new statutory limit is approved by Congress, the statutory limit will decrease to $130 per month starting January 1, 2014. Source: IRS Revenue Procedures (rp-13-35).

Quicks Bus Leaving NCR

Effective September 1, 2013, Quicks Bus will no longer provide commuter bus service to the National Capital Region. SmartBenefit participants will need to reallocate their benefits accordingly.