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Officer Classification, Commissioned and Warrant

Military Classification and Coding

War Department Technical Manual TM 12-406

War Department
Washington: 1946
324 pages PDF

Table of Contents

MOS Codes and Title  (828 KB)

Reference List of Consolidated Changes to TM 12-406  (0.99 MB)
Changes No. 7, c7 (1.52 MB)
Changes No. 6, c6 (1.75 MB)
Changes No. 5, c5 (1.66 MB)
Changes No. 4, c4 (3.26 MB)
Changes No. 3, c3 (4.36 MB)
Changes No. 2, c2 (3.25 MB)
Changes No. 1, c1 (5.60 MB)

Title Page (231 KB)

Verso (179 KB)

Contents (151 KB)

  I. Introduction, p.3 (3.3 MB)
II. Numerical List of Military Occupational Specialties, p.9 (6.0 MB)

III. Codes, Titles, and Specifications, p.25 (23.9 MB)
Codes, Titles, and Specifications Continues, p.75 (24.6 MB)
Codes, Titles, and Specifications Continues, p.125 (24.2 MB)
Codes, Titles, and Specifications Continues, p.175 (24.2 MB)
IV. Coding Organization Level, p.228 (2.28 MB)
V. Alphabetical Index of Military Occupational Specialties, p.232 (9.35 MB)

I. Conversion of Deleted Codes, p.250 (2.04 MB)
II. Classification of Medical Corps Officers, p.259 (3.66 MB)
III. Coding of Warrant Officers, p.267 (1.13 MB)