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Post-War Iraq Resource List


Great Britain

British Embassy Baghdad, Iraq

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Recent Statements by the Prime Minister on Iraq (10 Downing Street)


Interim Iraq Constitution
International Constitutional Law

United States

Coalition Provisional Authority

Renewal in Iraq
The White House

U.S. Embassy Badhdad, Iraq

USG Reports on Iraq
Department of State

United Nations

The Situation in Iraq

Report of the Security in Iraq Accountability Panel (SIAP)

New York, 3 March 2004

Governmental Commissions Reports

Great Britain

Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chairman, Rt. Hon The Lord Butler July 2004
(Note: report is 216 pages.)

United States

U.S. Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessment on Iraq Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence


Casualty Reports
United States Department of Defense

Details of British Fatalities
Great Britain Ministry of Defense

Faces of Valor

Fallen Warriors Operation Iraqi Freedom
U.S. Department of Defense

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
Lunaville & iCasualties

U.S. & Coalition Casualties


Export Gov / Iraq Your Link to Information on Rebuilding Iraq
U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Government Iraq Reconstruction Contracts
U.S. Department of State


Diplomacy Monitor
St. Thomas University School of Law

Iraq Aftermath

Trial of Saddam Hussein
Law Library of Congress


Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collections Iraq Maps
University of Texas at Austin Libraries

News and Analysis

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Iraq: A Year in Review

Subscription Database available from desktop in Pentagon

CRS Reports on Iraq
U.S. Department of State

Focus on Iraq
United States Institute of Peace

GlobalSecurity dot Org

Iraq Briefing Book
Center for Strategic & International Studies

Prisoner Abuse

Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners - Directory of Online Resources
Academic Information

Prisoner Abuse
University of Michigan Documents Center


Detainee Operations Inspection Report 31 July 2004
U.S. Army. The Inspector General

Investigation of Intelligence activities at Abu Ghraib
Final Report of the Independent Panel to Review DOD Detention
U.S. Army

Operations August 2004
Schlesinger Report


Assistance for Iraq
United States Agency for International Development

Iraq Index
The Brookings Institution
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Support Organizations

Freedom Calls Foundation

Take a Soldier to the Movies

Gateway Sites

Conflict Termination in the Iraqi War 2003
Air University


Government Views of Iraq
City College of New York

Vanderbilt University

Iraq Internet Resources
Duke University Libraries

Iraq War Debate -- 2002/2008
University of Michigan Documents Center

War and Peace
Librarians Index to the Internet

War and Terrorism -- Post-Saddam Iraq
East Carolina University