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Knowledge Management

Pentagon Library Panel Discussion, May 7, 2010:
Moving Forward: Keeping Libraries Relevant in the 21st Century: Part 1 and Part 2
Panelists: Roberta Shaffer, Law Librarian of Congress; Dr. Robert Neilson, KM Advisor to Army CKO; Anne Caputo, SLA President; Jo Ann Remshard (moderator), Pentagon Library.
Video: Part 1, Part 2


Air Force Knowledge Now
AFKM, AFMC Help Center, and AF Deskbook in a single source.

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) (CAC enabled)
Army Knowledge Online is a key initiative in the transformation of the Institutional Army into a true knowledge and capabilities-based organization.

Army Medical Knowledge Managent Exchange
The purpose of this Internet application is to provide a web-based collaborative platform that is accessible to the entire Army Medical Department and its partners.

Navy Knowledge Online
Sponsored by the Department of Navy Chief Information Officer.


Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center
FAA’s links to Knowledge Management.

The Knowledge Management Working Group is an interagency body to bring the benefits of the government's intellectual assets to all Federal organizations, customers,and partners.


Business Research in Information and Technology
“The Premier Business and Technology Portal and Global Community Network for E-Business, Information Technology, and Knowledge Management.”

eKnowledge Center
“Linking Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital professionals worldwide to certification programs, expert networks, knowledge resources, and electronic publishing services.”

Entovation International
Included on this site are information on innovation assessment, knowledge-creating capabilities and Entovation’s range of services.

Journal of Knowledge Management
The definitive source of academic intelligence on aspects of knowledge management.

KM Forum
The Knowledge Management Forum is a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices supporting the Knowledge Professions.

Knowledge Connections (David Skyrme Associates Home Page)
“The place to gain insights into the networked knowledge economy and help in creating successful knowledge management and Internet commerce strategies.”

Knowledge Management Network
BRINT 'The BizTech Network' is the premier knowledge resource and global community network for Business Technology, Information Economy, and, Knowledge Management executives, professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Knowledge Management Research Center
The KM Research Center has taken the approach of focusing on a few links to high quality content from CIO and websites that encompass most of the major trends.

Knowledge Management Resource Center
On this site you'll find a comprehensive Collections of KM resources, each reviewed and described to help you quickly locate what you're looking for.

Knowledge Research Institute
Karl Wiig, a well-known KM author and consultant, hosts this web site which includes articles, white papers, events and services provided by the Institute.

Paradigm Shift International
This site addresses change management issues, including the learning organization, agile enterprises and corporate knowledge cultures. Included is a library of articles and change management tools.

Sveiby Knowledge Management
Karl-Erik Sveiby maintains this site of information and articles on creating the knowledge-based business. The site also contains Selby’s writings dealing with intellectual capital and intangible assets.

Artificial Intelligence Application Institute
Maintained by the Institute at the University of Edinburgh, this site contains knowledge management information and links.

Knowledge at Wharton
Updated biweekly, this is a free online resource providing up-to-date in-depth analysis of business trends, research, interviews, book reviews, conference reports and related links.

Knowledge Management—Emerging Perspectives
Writings, articles, and links offer some emerging perspectives in response to the questions, what ist his activity called knowledge management, and why is it so important to each and every one of us?

Knowledge Media Institute
The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is a purpose-built showcase lab housing some sixty researchers, technologists and designers.

Netacademy on Knowledge Media
Begun in 1997 as an academic research project at the Institute for Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Galen, Switzerland, the Institute now manages the site. ”The Net Academy strives to provide a Virtual Research Universe on Knowledge Media.”


APQC – American Productivity & Quality Center
This website contains information regarding the Pac’s activities as well as KM publications, training events, selected case studies and benchmarking consortium studies.

The International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology, School of Management, George Mason University maintains this site. Included are books, case studies, Companies involved in KM initiatives and KM links.

The KNOW Network
The KNOW Network is an international Web-based professional knowledge sharing network.

Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
The Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association™ (KMBA™) brings together knowledge management professionals from a variety of companies. KMBA™ conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the effectiveness of Knowledge Management activities.

Knowledge Management Consortium International
“Portal for Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital professionals worldwide. Certification courses, jobs, events, research publishing, new KM ISO Standards….”

Knowledge Media Laboratory
The Knowledge Media Laboratory (KML) uses new media and emerging technologies to exchange information, share knowledge and produce innovations that can transform teaching and learning.


CIO Magazine
Knowledge Management Research Center.


I3 Update
Entovation International News.

The Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization.

Journal of Knowledge Management Practice
formerly the Journal of Systemic Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Management Magazine

Knowledge Management News

Knowledge Management World
KM World Magazine


KM Bibliographies

Knowledge Management

Hokkanen, John and Tricia Bond,
Knowledge Management: A Bibliographic Resource

Knowledge Management and Libraries

Sveiby, Karl-Erik - Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital

USAID Library Knowledge Management