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Better Writing

Center for Plain Language
Resources to help you write effectively and concisely.

DoD Manual
Writing and Correspondence Manual for the DoD.

Improving communication from the Federal Government to the Public.

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Information about the library's resources & services.

Guide to Finding US Government Documents in the Pentagon Library
Guide to Finding US Government Documents in the Pentagon Library (.docx)

Treaties - Full Text Resources


Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Conflict in the Balkans: A Selected Bibliography

Goldwater-Nichols and Beyond: A Selected Bibliography

Holocaust Remembrance

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Guard and Reserves Resource Guide

Native American Heritage Month

September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001

War Powers: A Selected Bibliography

Women's Equality Day & History

Topics Compiled by Other Agencies

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Legal FAQ

Tracing Legislative Histories


Desert Storm Interviews

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Knowledge Management


Latin American Resources

Legal Protection of Cultural Property: A Selective Resource Guide

Military Tribunals

Post-War Iraq Resource List

Quadrennial Defense Review


Speechwriters' Toolbox

A list of Internet sites appropriate for speechwriters.