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Native American Heritage Month

Throughout history Native Americans have fought for their country. They were involved during the War of 1812 and have continued to serve their country with courage and honor whenever and wherever it needed them.
This selected bibliography is intended for use in exploring their service.


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Internet Links

20th Century Warriors: Native American Participation in the United States Military
DoD publication with information on historical and current participation of Native Americans in the U.S. Military.

American Indian Library Association
Works to improve library and information services for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Also publishes the American Indian Libraries Newsletter quarterly. Site includes links to many topics.

"The Voice of the Native American Veteran"
National Native American Veterans Association (NNAVA), the mission of the Association is to educate and assist Native American Veterans without regard to Tribal Affiliation, degree of Indian Blood, branch of the Armed Forces, or Combat Status with regard to Veteran Rights, Entitlements, and Benefits.

Native American Sites
Provides access to home pages of Native American Nations and organizations, and to other sites that provide information about American Indians. Includes sections on "Indians in the Military" and "Information on Individual Native Nations."

Navy Historical Center site, Native Americans and the U.S. Military
Provides links and information sources relating to the participation of Native Americans in the U. S. military.

The Native Warriors section of the Medal of Honor website provides information native American Medal of Honor recipients.
Provides links to the "most sincere, factual, reliable and honest' web-sites around on the subject of Native Americans. Includes links to historical documents, biographical information, and a wide range of specific topics such as Code Talkers and Native Americans in the Civil War.

A Warrior's Tradition: Contributing to Our Nation's Freedom
Concentrates on Native American involvement and contributions to the U.S. military.