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Budget & Finance

Air Force Budget
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management and Comptroller)

Army Budget (Green Book)
Current Fiscal Year Budget Materials

Budget of the U.S. Government
By the Office of Management and Budget with information about the President's budget proposals for a given fiscal year, and other budgetary publications issued throughout the fiscal year.

Summary of what to expect in a company's annual report.

Executive Services, Special Business Content, Executive Forums, and more

Companies Online
Business Search via Lycos

Company Profiles and Company Snapshot Subscription

Online Money Magazine, Todays' Markets, Quote, and Portfolio

Congressional Budget Office
Monthly Budget Review, Current Budget Projections, Current Economic Projections, Current Status of Discretionary Appropriations, Historical Budget Data, CBO's Economic Forecasting Record, Spreadsheets for Selected Estimates and Projections, and Glossary of Budgetary and Economic Terms.

Daily Stocks
Stocks and Mutual Fund Search

Defense Finance Management Regulations
Online PDF document from Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

DoD Budget Materials
Overview of the Defense Budget Request containing economic assumptions and historical current and constant dollar data

DTICs DoD Congressional Budget Data Website
PDF and Excel formats for easier manipulation; information is scanned from
Previous years also available.

Company Rankings, CEOs, Industries, Top Performers, Best Employers, Investing, and Small Business

General Accounting Office (GAO)
Examines the use of public funds, evaluates federal programs and activities, and provides analyses, options, recommendations, and other assistance to help the Congress make effective oversight, policy, and funding decisions.

Hoover's Online
Comprehensive Company, Industry, and Market Intelligence Information

North American Industrial Classification System
New Standard Code System to Describe Business Establishments and Industries

Investing, Taxes, Home Loans, Insurance Quotes, Bills & Banking and Credit Report

Legislative Reference Service
Documents such as House Bills; Senate Bills; Executive Orders; DoD Legislative Proposals, DoD Testimony, and Popular Legislation; Statements of Administration Policy; United States Code and more.

Navy Budget
Budget Resources Directory

Office of Management & Budget (OMB)
Financial Report of the United States Government, President's Budget, Federal Management, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, News Releases, and Legislative Information.

SEC EDGAR Database of Corporate Information
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Filings & Forms

Online Resource for Finding Companies and Products Manufactured in North America.

Treasury Securities & Programs
How to Buy Bonds, Why Buy Bonds, What are Your Bonds Worth, Bond nformation and Fun Calculators

U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Investor Information, Regulatory Actions, Staff Interpretations, Litigation, EDGAR Filers, Funds & Advisers, Municipal Markets, and Broker Dealers.

Investment Information and Analysis