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NEWS | Feb. 21, 2021

A training transformation, evolution is underway in CNATT

By Mark Tinetti

When former Secretary of Defense James Mattis made his 80 percent mission capable rate requirement for the Navy fleet and supported by the commander of Naval Air Forces, the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training envisioned a new, modern approach to maintenance training. 
Incorporating industry-best practices, military subject-matter experts, and instructional systems specialists, CNATT initiated micro-videos with the objective to enhance formal maintenance and operational training in support of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft and aeronautical equipment.  The short, concise, 3-5 minute videos target complex procedures and processes combined with best practices for infrequently performed maintenance procedures that   supplement and clarify technical maintenance manuals.  A recent example of a published microvideo series developed by CNATT Unit Norfolk was titled “Things Falling off Aircraft,” which highlights critical safety concerns in the fleet. 
One of the videos in the series depicts correct procedures of securing and latching Nacelle panels to ensure they do not open during flight. CNATTs complete micro-video library is accessible worldwide, 24/7, from smart phones, computers, and any mobile device with Wi-Fi or cellular service.  All micro-videos are specifically designed to ensure the aviation maintenance professional strictly follows all safety precautions and technical manual procedures.  The intent is to provide clarity of a maintenance procedures and steps versus how to do the entire procedure.  Micro-videos are supplemental to formal and in-service training, on-the-job training, and personnel qualification standards programs.  Sailor and Marines maintenance personnel responses to the micro-videos have been overwhelmingly positive.
Petty Officer 1st Class Jeffrey Helgesen, an MH53E instructor at CNATT Unit Norfolk, expressed enthusiastic support for the program.
“As an instructor, I jumped at the opportunity to work directly with our local squadrons in creating a video aimed at improving flight safety, Helgesen said.  “Teaching maintenance and safety fundamentals to the next generation of Sailors is an amazing opportunity. Making these videos allows me to do that on an even larger scale.”
More than 30 videos have been professionally produced, with many more in production or design.  The videos are accessible via the CNATT Micro learning YouTube page (youtube.com/channel/UCb1vhV-8QGPJ_1q1UFuvM4w), the CNATT channel on MarineNet (marinenet.usmc.mil/MVS), and Navy e-Learning.  The current micro-video library encompass a wide range of topics covering 10 aircraft platforms/aviation communities including aviation administration.  Commands may request video topics via their applicable Wing/MALS and cognizant CNATT activity. 
For more information on micro-videos, send email to cnattn7isd_burst.fct@navy.mil.