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MTBP COVID-19 Update

MTBP: All participants are exempt from the monthly claim requirement for June 2020.

Due to connectivity concerns across the workforce in this telework intensive time, MTBP will waive the claim requirement for the June 2020 claim period. This means benefits will be made available to you for June 2020, you do not need to submit a claim. If you purchase a monthly ticket or ride in a vanpool and wish to stop your June 2020 MTBP funding, please contact us via the email provided below and we will assist.

Metro Rail or Bus riders that tap their SmarTrip cards per trip:

The DoD is only charged for your actual usage. Any unspent benefits are returned to the DoD. There is no concern regarding waste if you do not ride mass transit in June 2020.

VRE, MARC, Commuter Buses, and Vanpool:

If you do not intend to use your monthly pass or vanpool in June 2020, please contact the MTBP office immediately by replying to our office by email. We can stop the benefit payment to your ticket vendor or vanpool at your request. Request that we "suspend June benefits". June requests must be received prior to June 1.

Please know that if you have a recurring ticket order through CommuterDirect, you will also need to contact them to stop the June ticket from being mailed to your house. If we stop the payment and you do not stop the order delivery, CommuterDirect June charge your credit card on file for the full price of the ticket. You can always mail the June ticket back to CommuterDirect before June 1 for a full refund.

CommuterDirect can be reached at:
Website: https://www.commuterdirect.com/
Phone: 703-228-RIDE (703-228-7433)
Email: questions@CommuterDirect.com

If the COVID-19 situation persists, we will be assessing the need to extend this same exemption for July 2020 in the upcoming weeks.

Questions? Contact us at DoD Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP) National Capital Region:
Website: https://www.whs.mil/MTBP
Phone: 571-256-0962
Email: WHSNCRTransitBenefit@mail.mil