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HPCON Status:

There are instances of people who have been infected in the NCR, including some who may not be sure how or where they became infected. The Pentagon Reservation and DoD offices and facilities in the NCR are operating normally, with some basic health protection measures being taken.
Armed Forces Retirement Homes (Washington, D.C., and Gulfport, Mississippi) are at HPCON B. Employees and family members should contact AFRH directly or go to their web site for guidance and instructions.
CMO Virtual Town Hall
When: Monday, March 16th (1100-1200 ET)
Streaming on: https://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/23479

Pentagon and Mark Center broadcast channels 2 and 300

Questions will be taken before and during the live event

Send your questions to: whs.pentagon.cco.mbx.communications@mail.mil
Information and guidance provided here will be updated as the situation changes and new information becomes available. Please check back frequently.
Facility Access Status:
Effective midnight, Sunday, March 15, 2020, the Health Protection Condition (HPCON) status at the Pentagon Reservation will increase to BRAVO:
The Pentagon, associated facilities in the National Capital Region, including the Mark Center, Defense Health Headquarters, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and DoD leased facilities:
  • If you have had contact with someone who is in 14-day isolation or you think you have symptoms of COVID-19, stay home, call your health care provider and notify your supervisor. Do not enter a Pentagon Facility.
  • All Pentagon Tours are suspended.
  • All unofficial visits (e.g., personal guests, ceremonies, etc.) are suspended.
  • All visits from our international partners and visitors must be rescheduled or conducted remotely. Contact your sponsor for more information.
  • Any individual (DoD civilian, military service member, contractor, or official visitor) that has traveled internationally within the last 14 days shall not enter the Pentagon Facilities.
  • All official visits must be registered at least 24 hours in advance through the PFPA Visitor Management System. All visitors will be required to present a REAL ID or U.S. Passport for entry. Official visits to leased facilities will be managed by the Designated Officials or security managers. Staff are strongly encouraged to register visitors as early as possible.
  • Visitor sponsors may not escort more than three (3) visitors into Pentagon Facilities.
  • All Pentagon Facility occupants must swipe at ALL perimeter access control points, to include the Pentagon River and Mall Entrance.
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic (DTHC): Open with restrictions
Out of an abundance of caution and to protect our forces and their families while safeguarding our healthcare mission capabilities, DTHC has instituted additional safety measures. DTHC is now screening all patients at the clinic entrance. Patients who: 1) HAVE the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath; 2) HAVE traveled to, from, or through a country under a Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice within the last 14 days (see https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices); or 3) HAVE been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days, will be evaluated and treated according to current CDC recommendations. These controlled access measures will allow DTHC to safely screen for COVID-19 while minimizing the risk to others.
What Every DoD Civilian, Contractor or Military Member in the NCR should do under HPCON A:
  • Continue following CDC guidance for hygiene.
  • Review the COVID-19 symptoms chart.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • If you feel you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay home, call your health care provider and notify your supervisor.
  • If you think you've been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and respiratory illness, such as a cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider immediately and notify your supervisor, if feasible. If you are already in the Pentagon and become ill, call DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic (DTHC) at 703-692-8810.
  • If you have had contact with someone who is now in 14-day isolation, stay home, call your health care provider and notify your supervisor.
  • Practice social distancing both inside and outside the office.
  • Discuss teleworking options with your supervisor.
  • Provide your supervisor with any updates to your contact information.
What DoD Agencies and Offices in the NCR should be doing under HPCON A:
  • Utilize social distancing for all meetings.
  • Cancel non-essential large gatherings.
  • As a social distancing measure, supervisors can authorize telework for their employees.
  • Ensure you have a plan in place for handling impacts of school closures on your organization.
  • Inform JSP, or your provider if not JSP, if your organization begins implementing teleworking.
  • Follow case reporting requirements guidance.
  • Review your organization's pandemic continuity of operations plan.
  • Review upcoming leave and official travel plans.
  • Update your office contact rosters.
WHS Measures being taken include:
  • Providing the workforce additional sanitation stations, hand sanitizer and wipes.
  • Reviewing and inventorying personal protective equipment for first responders.
  • Reviewing access for international partners and visitors from countries of concern (DOS & CDC level 3 & 4).
  • Reviewing recent travel of DoD personnel.
  • Increasing frequency of cleaning at DoD athletic facilities.
  • Coordinating for cleaning of DoD shuttles.
Military Personnel Guidance:
Active duty military members, reservists and Guardsmen assigned within the National Capital Region should follow the direction and guidance of your local commander or officer in charge.
Telework Guidance: Pentagon Reservation organizations are encouraged to maximize telework opportunities while still maintaining the capability to perform all mission-critical functions.
Contracting Guidance: This section provides Contracting guidance on how to prepare and respond to the closure of a Government facility due to impacts of COVID-19 and/or a shutdown.

Customers are strongly encouraged to work with their designated Contracting Officer to review existing requirements to determine the following items:
1. (Mission essential): What is mission-essential and must be performed despite a closure?
2. (Remote): What is capable of being supported remotely?

The Contracting Officer will engage the contractor on support guidance in the event of a closure. NoteOnly the Contracting Officer, who serves as the Government’s authority can change the terms of a contract.

Below is a link to questions and answers that you may find helpful as you prepare. Please also review the guidance provided by OUSD(A&S). As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Contracting Officer or send questions to Ask AD.

COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for DoD Agencies in the NCR
If you have a service member, civilian employee or contractor who may be symptomatic for COVID-19 or potentially exposed to the COVID-19 virus, please notify the Pentagon Force Protection Agency Office of Emergency Management at pfpa.oem@mail.mil, with the following information:

  • Employment status (active duty, civilian, contractor)
  • Branch of service (if military)
  • DoD Component (e.g., USAF, DFAS, DISA, PFPA, OSD, JS, etc.)
  • Primary Work Location (e.g., Pentagon, Mark Center, Leased Facility, etc.)
  • Symptoms (Symptomatic or Asymptomatic)
  • Status (e.g., Self-Isolation at home, hospital, etc.) - if self-isolating, provide reason (e.g., close contact, recent travel overseas, etc.)

All personally identifiable information, including protected health information, will be used and disclosed only as necessary to safeguard public health and safety in accordance with DoDI 5400.11, DoDI 6025.18, and DoDI 6200.03. For initial reporting, please only provide the information requested. If additional information is needed, someone will contact you.

Questions about COVID-19 reporting requirements for the NCR?
Contact the Pentagon Operations Center at 703-697-1001.
Note: This number is NOT for reporting purposes. It is only for questions. Send reports to pfpa.oem@mail.mil