Mission and Vision

Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) is the enterprise shared service provider for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Department of Defense. WHS delivers an exceptional customer experience with greater performance and lower costs, enabling DoD agencies to fulfill their missions.

“Trusted Service Provider with Employees Who Make a Difference!”


The foundations of Washington Headquarters Services emphasize our commitment to providing leading edge services to our mission partners in support of their defense to the Nation.

In 1977, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown directed the establishment of WHS. The purpose of the new organization was to help remove administrative burdens and refocus the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) staff on policy analysis and oversight, return uniformed personnel to their Service, and consolidate multiple administrative functions under one organization providing a mechanism for achieving greater efficiencies and economies of scale across the Military Services, OSD, and the DoD Agencies and Field Activities.

As technologies evolved and organizations expanded over the years, so too have the missions and responsibilities of WHS. Through various mandates from the Secretary of Defense, the WHS scope of responsibilities has nearly doubled from its original four supporting functions to seven. Armed with four decades of institutional knowledge and experience, WHS serves as the operational arm of OSD, providing facility management; centralized contracting and procurement; executive support to the Secretary of Defense; centralized financial management; history, library, and research capabilities; human resources; and operational continuity of the U.S. government.

Our mission, vision, and values strengthen our foundation and codify who we are as an organization…an indispensable contributor to the defense of our Nation and essential mission partner.