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Welcome to the new website for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)! Our site is completely redesigned to provide a clean, simple, and informative snapshot of all that WHS has to offer. This site highlights the broad scope of WHS services, as well as the essential role WHS plays in the day-to-day life of our customers. We’re excited to tell the “story” of WHS in this fresh, new way; and I encourage you to spend some time exploring each of the site’s new features. This site incorporates several new elements to improve your user experience. It is designed to be modern and user-friendly. Graphic elements, including icons and informative “sliders,” now populate the site, providing key information at a glance and clearly guiding the way to additional resources. A new, services-based structure allows users to find information on key services within a few clicks. Please note, the debut of this new design is merely “phase one” in an even more comprehensive relaunch of the WHS web presence. While several items, including directorate information, currently link back to internal pages from the previous WHS site, “phase two” of the site launch will include all redesigned external pages, focused entirely on getting users to the services and resources they seek as quickly as possible. Bookmark this page and watch it get even better as we move forward in the coming months!

Official photo of Mr. William Brazis, Director Washington Headquarters Services

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William E. Brazis
Director, Washington Headquarters Services