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Roberta Lowe


Director, Financial Management Directorate and Chief Financial Executive

Robbie Lowe was appointed to the SES in 2008, after a distinguished career in financial management while serving in the U.S. Air Force. She assumed the position as the Director, Financial Management Directorate (FMD) in January 2011.

She serves as the senior civilian executive and advisor to the Director, Washington Headquarters (WHS), on all financial management matters for specified DoD-wide operational and administrative programs. This includes oversight of $6.7 billion for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), WHS, and assigned Department of Defense (DoD) agencies as well as managing accounts for designated offices, programs, and task forces. In addition, Ms. Lowe is responsible for establishing and administrating the full spectrum of budgetary and financial management policy, programs, and procedures pertaining to funds appropriated for use by OSD, WHS, and other Defense activities as assigned.

Ms. Lowe received a bachelor of art degree in economics and business administration and a master of business administration (MBA) from William Carey University where she was recognized as the MBA student of the year.

For additional directorate information, visit the Financial Management Directorate page.

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Official photo of the Director, Financial Management Directorate: Ms. Roberta Lowe