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Pentagon Tours and Memorial

Tour Information

To take a guided tour of the Pentagon, you must make a reservation in advance. Note that tour schedules can fill up quickly, so it is advisable to book your tour well in advance of your visit. Reservations may be booked from 14 to 90 days in advance. Reservations will not be accepted for tour dates within 13 days or more than 90 days away.

Please review the Tour Guidelines and Security Information before requesting a tour. Contact the Tour Office at 703-697-1776 or visit the Request A Tour page to make a reservation, or with any questions.

Hours: All guided tours of the Pentagon are free and available by reservation only. Tours are conducted Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Tours are not conducted on weekends or federal holidays.

Book a Tour: Tours can be arranged directly through the Pentagon Tour Office using an online reservations system.

Group Size Section: Public Tour Groups will NOT exceed 60 persons.

Individuals, who have a Pentagon Badge and have escort privileges, who wish to give a self-guided tour to either friends or family can do so by using the Self-Guided Tour Brochure, obtainable at the Pentagon Tours Window in the Visitor’s Center. If escorting more than three people an escort waiver can be required. The waiver is obtained from the Pentagon Badge Office.

Pentagon Memorial

The Pentagon Memorial is designed so that the nation may remember and reflect on the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Located on the west side of the Pentagon Reservation, at 1 Rotary Road in Arlington, VA, the Memorial is free and open to the public seven days a week.

Groups and individuals are welcome in the Memorial daily, but guided tours are not offered; the Memorial is meant to be experienced on an individual level. A 24-minute audio tour is available to provide visitors with a sequential narrative of the events of 9/11 and explain the purpose of the Memorial’s design.

The memorial was designed to be handicap accessible, with hard path surfaces and wheelchair nooks.

Visitor Information

Hours of Operation
  • The Pentagon Memorial is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Pentagon Memorial support staff hours are Monday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

Public parking is not generally available at the Pentagon. Private vehicles may deliver passengers at "Kiss and Ride" points on North Rotary Road.

Visitors may park at the Pentagon City Mall. The Pentagon is a brief walk from the mall, and can be reach through a pedestrian tunnel.

For individuals with mobility impairments, five spaces are available in Lane 1 of the Pentagon South Parking Lot, adjacent to the Memorial Park. This parking is available 24/7. All vehicles using this parking must display a valid disabled parking permit issued by the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is registered.

Parking is strictly enforced. For more information on directions and vehicle access, please see the Pentagon Memorial, Getting There page.

Conduct on the Pentagon Reservation

Visitors must conduct themselves appropriately while visiting the Memorial.

Photography is permitted within the Pentagon Memorial; outside the Memorial, photography is strictly prohibited on the Pentagon Reservation.

Prohibited on both the Pentagon Reservation and the Pentagon Memorial Park:

  • Possession of firearms, fireworks, open containers of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and other dangerous substances
  • All commercial or political soliciting, vending, and hanging of posters, flyers, handbills, etc.

For more information on appropriate conduct, please refer to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 32, Ch 1, Part 234 "Conduct on the Pentagon Reservation".


Map of Pentagon 9/11 Memorial and surrounding area available here.


Do I need a ticket or pass to visit the Memorial Park?

No. Entry to the memorial is free and no passes or tickets are needed to gain access.

Since this is the Pentagon, will I need to go through extensive security?

Although there will be security to keep the Memorial safe and secure, there is no security checkpoint to gain access to the Memorial.

I’m bringing a large group; do I need to call ahead?

It is not necessary to call ahead. All visitors, no matter the size of the group will have access to the Memorial Park upon arrival.

May I take pictures?

Pictures of the memorial are allowed. However, taking pictures anywhere else on the Pentagon Reservation is strictly prohibited.  Unauthorized film and digital images taken may be confiscated or deleted.

Since this is a park, may I bring my dog?

Animals are prohibited from entering the Memorial and are not permitted anywhere on the Pentagon reservation. The only exceptions will be made for service animals. If you have a service animal, please clean up after it.

May I bring a picnic to enjoy while at the Memorial Park?

There is no food or drink permitted inside the Memorial. The only exception is for bottled water. Picnics are also prohibited on the Pentagon Reservation.

Is there room for recreational activities, such as jogging?

Recreational and sporting activities are not permitted in the Memorial. Wheeled vehicles and objects, such as bicycles, skates, and skateboards, are also prohibited. Strollers and vehicles used for persons with disabilities are permitted.

May I leave a memento?

Yes, you may leave a memento in the Memorial. However, they will be collected and processed appropriately at the end of each day.

Will there be a place to purchase souvenirs?

Souvenirs and merchandise are not sold at the Pentagon Memorial Park.

Is the Pentagon Memorial within walking distance of other points of interest?

The Memorial is within a short distance of the Pentagon City Mall, Air Force Memorial and the Arlington Cemetery. Many other points of interest are just a short trip away on the DC Metro.

Can I tour the Pentagon after I visit the Memorial?

You may, but tours for the Pentagon must be planned in advance. Visit the Request A Tour page for more details.

Where can I find more information on Pentagon Memorial visiting procedures?

You may use the contact information on the “Links & Contact” page or  on to request more details.