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Mark Center


All entrances to the Mark Center are controlled electronically. A pre-registered Common Access Card (CAC) or visitor’s card issued on site is required for authorized entry. Visitors without a valid CAC (or a CAC that has not been registered with the Mark Center) will be required to enter as a visitor. For all questions pertaining to visitors, please contact the Visitor’s Control Center (VCC) at 571-372-6647 or 6648. Please contact the VCC to determine if a visitor’s access roster is required.

By Bus

The Transportation Center, which contains the bus bays that serve the Mark Center complex, is located beyond the North Parking structure. Upon exiting your bus, signs will direct you to an escalator that will take you to a walkway that leads to the main Mark Center building.

By Car

There are two parking garages at the Mark Center facility, both of which are carefully controlled. If you have authorization to park in the South Parking structure, enter through the gate and drive around the building in a counter-clockwise direction until reaching the south parking structure. After parking, enter through the CAC-controlled revolving doors.

If you have authorization to park in the North Parking structure, enter from the roundabout outside the main gate; and after parking, take the elevated walkway to the main building entrance. Enter through the CAC-controlled revolving doors.

By Bicycle

The bike racks are located next to the North Parking structure, on the opposite side from the Transportation Center. Take the elevated walkway to the main building entrance. Enter through the CAC-controlled revolving doors.

Disabled Access

Individuals using MetroAccess (public transportation for the handicapped) can use the VIP entrance. The MetroAccess vehicle can enter through the main gate, and can drop passengers at the building entrance next to the flagpoles. Note that MetroAccess buses are allowed to use this entrance, but cabs, including wheelchair cabs, are not allowed within the fenced area.

Navigating the Mark Center

Most of the Mark Center’s working areas are located in two towers, East and West. Each tower has its own bank of elevators, one to each side of the main cafeteria seating area. Each bank of elevators is divided into two sections, one serving the first 10 floors, the other as an express to floors above the tenth level.

Suite numbers are as follows: a two-digit floor number (floors below ten have a preceding zero), followed by a letter indicating the section of the floor, followed by the individual suite number. For example, suite 04F03 would be suite 3 in the F section of the fourth floor. Most suites have access controlled via CAC. Hold the CAC against the reader until the indicator light turns green; then open the door. Visitors must be escorted.

There is a customer service center located on the first floor, between the two tower elevator areas. They can provide assistance for anyone who is having trouble finding a location.

Conference Center

To reserve a meeting space in the Mark Center Conference Center, please sign in to the Pentagon/Mark Center Conference Center Resource Scheduler (CAC required).