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Pentagon Library

The Pentagon Library makes available its information resources and research services to DoD personnel working at the Pentagon and in the region, including active-duty military, civilians, reservists, and government contractors.

To become a member of the Pentagon Library, register in person for a library card. Registration allows members to borrow Library materials and access electronic resources, such as articles, reports, and military documents. Through the Pentagon Library, members have access to a broad range of mission-relevant information necessary to perform their jobs.

Staff includes expert librarians who can offer assistance with specialized inquires and help obtain any books, articles, reports, or documents that are needed.

More on the Library's Collection

The Library holds a large collection of books and journals. Its online resources include dozens of article databases and a growing collection of online reports and documents (including e-books). The greatest strengths include Military Sciences and Arts, International Relations, law and Legislative History, Military Documents, Army Regulations, OSD, and NCR resources in different formats (electronic, paper, and microforms).

Specifically, the collection focuses on:

  • Leadership: Includes suggested leadership development reading from all military branches, as well as from the Joint Forces Staff College and the Combat Studies Institute.
  • Homeland Defense: Includes material relevant to Border and Transportation Security Directorate, Emergency Preparedness and Response, as well as recent study on the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism.
  • International Security Affairs: Information for country studies, NATO, World Organizations and United Nations, as well as World Fact Book.
  • Legislative Affairs: Useful information for lawyers. Includes congressional Directory, Code of Federal Regulations, Military laws, and Federal, State, and Local Regulations.
  • Logistics: Information on Military Installations, Rates and Allowance, Travel Regulations, Lodging and dining, and Passport Services.
  • Manpower and Personnel: Military Benefits, Military and Civilian Employment, Career Programs and Retirement Computations.
  • History: Resources for historians, includes biographical information on Army, Air Force, Navy Leaders, and Senior Defense Officials, as well as military history.

Search the Library’s collections at

To visit the Library's primary location at the Pentagon, proceed through the E ring exit of the Pentagon, on the first floor at Corridor 8, and cross the "bridge" to a small, separate stone building ahead of you, which is the PLC2.

The Library has a satellite location at the Mark Center on level B1.