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Building and Facilities

WHS offers extensive administrative and operational support to key DoD activities, from space management, maintenance, building repair and alteration, to custodial services, landscape maintenance, trash and debris removal. Building operations, construction management, property management, and more, are included.

To learn more about a specific service, including contact information, authorized CAC holders should visit the WHS Customer Resources and Employee Intranet pages.

A diverse group of workers wearing coveralls and construction hats

Service Listing

Communication and Customer Service
  • Building Circulars — WHS coordinates, creates, and distributes service announcements covering facility and transportation changes, equipment availability, office closures, inspections and testing, waste management and recycling, security programs, and on-site special events. These building circulars are distributed to Department of Defense and authorized Federal employees.
  • Building Operations Center (BOC) — WHS repairs building equipment and systems, such as lighting, HVAC, elevators, etc. This effective preventive maintenance program extends the useful life of equipment, minimizing down time, providing a safe, comfortable working environment for building occupants, and assuring peak operating efficiency. For additional information, visit the Building Operations Command Center website (CAC required).
  • Customer Service Center/Service Call Operations — WHS responds to service calls related to repair and custodial services, landscape maintenance, trash removal and recycling, building alterations, and special event support.
  • Enterprise Facilities Information Center (eFIC) Services — WHS provides computer software supporting the OSD and all WHS Directorates. Software includes management tools for secure backup and archive of data for managing facilities, infrastructure, utilities and equipment assets, and their maintenance.
  • Special Purpose/Self-Propelled Vehicles (SPVs) Program Management — WHS provides self-propelled vehicles for people who need help getting around inside large WHS buildings like the Pentagon, which is approximately 14 million square feet.
Conference Center Scheduling

To reserve a meeting space in the Pentagon Library and Conference Center or the Mark Center Conference Center, please sign into the Pentagon/Mark Center Conference Center Resource Scheduler (CAC required)

Construction, Engineering, and Architecture
  • Construction and Alteration Projects — WHS provides space assignment and space alteration services for OSD and WHS Components. WHS facilitates construction projects, including alterations and renovations. WHS architects work with each client to determine project cost and feasibility.
  • Construction Safety — WHS reviews accident prevention plans for construction projects on the Pentagon Reservation, and makes recommendations on safe conduct of construction activities.
  • Engineering and Design Services — WHS manages a range of engineering and design services in the fields of hydraulic and hydrology, environmental, architectural, civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, cost, project management and construction engineering. WHS services include data analysis, and mathematical and 3D visualization modeling. Reports, designs, plans and specifications are provided, as well as cost estimates, independent reviews, and engineering services to assure construction quality.
Facility Management, Maintenance, and Operations
  • Alternations Work Group (AWG) Services — WHS supports all space alteration and renovation needs in the form of construction, design, and inspection within WHS-managed facilities.
  • Custodial Services — WHS maintains a clean, safe, and healthful work environment for occupants of the Pentagon and other WHS-managed facilities. WHS provides a full range of janitorial services, including vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and trash removal.
  • Furniture and Equipment Management — WHS fulfills requests for furniture transfers and turn-ins, fax machines, refrigerators, and microwaves, from occupants in WHS-managed buildings and facilities.
  • Grounds and Landscape Maintenance — WHS keeps facility grounds within the National Capital Region clean and well-manicured. WHS ensures that trash and other debris is collected in a timely manner to preserve the environment. During spring and summer months, WHS ensures that the grounds are landscaped with native plants.
  • Historic Preservation — WHS maintains multiple historical displays found throughout the corridors of the Pentagon. Preserving historical artifacts while in storage and on display ensures that they will continue to be available for the education of future generations.
  • Integrated Pest Management — WHS employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to ensure the protection of human health and safety. WHS uses an effective, environmentally friendly process for suppressing pest populations. Careful inspection and correction of structural and sanitation deficiencies achieves long term pest suppression.
  • Office Space Acquisition and Assignment — WHS oversees and manages administrative space occupied by DoD agencies and military departments in the National Capital Region, including approximately 14 million square feet in more than 140 buildings and facilities. WHS reviews, validates, and coordinates all DoD requests for space and manages all the OSD space assignments including requests for administrative space (transfers and relocations) and various space alterations, renovations, and construction.
  • Public Space Management: Common Areas — WHS manages approximately 14 million square feet occupied by DoD agencies and military departments in the National Capital Region. This includes more than 140 buildings and facilities controlled by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and space acquired for DoD by the General Services Administration (GSA). WHS provides a full range of real property management services, including acquisition and assignment, architectural design and construction, and asset management.
  • Public Space Management: Acquisition and Assignment — WHS reviews, validates and coordinates DoD Requests for Space, and interfaces with GSA regarding space acquisition and assignment. WHS also manages OSD administrative space transfers and alterations. WHS coordinates policy, acquisition, and assignment issues for the Pentagon Renovation Program, and coordinates space-related Base Closure and Realignment issues impacting the National Capital Region space management program.
  • Recycling Services — WHS supports the Recycling Program, providing recycling containers and pick-up services to support a recycling program consistent with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. WHS continues to search for source reduction and recycling opportunities that are consistent with sound economic policy and look for available collecting, storing and processing space. Additional information is available on the WHS Recycling Program page (CAC required).
  • Relocation Coordination — WHS manages more than 16,000,000 sq. ft. of space and coordinates office moves within that space to accommodate more than 64,000 civilian and military personnel.
  • Road Maintenance and Repair Services/Snow and Ice Removal — WHS cares for the roads at the Pentagon and Mark Center through a road maintenance and repair program. During the winter months, WHS removes snow and ice from paved areas including streets, walkways, and parking lots. WHS ensures that parking areas, roadways, and sidewalks are kept clear of ice and snow, using environmentally friendly de-icing products.
  • Signage and Wayfinding — WHS produces a wide variety of visual aids, including indoor and outdoor signage, exhibits, and directional signs at the Pentagon and Mark Center.
  • Smoking Policy and Related Facility Accommodations — WHS protects Federal employees and members of the public visiting or using federal facilities, from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke. To accomplish this, WHS has established a smoke-free environment per Executive Order 13058. Additional information regarding these policies is available at the GSA Smoking in Federal Buildings page.
  • Special Events Services and Support — WHS supports the event planning process on the Pentagon Reservation from conception to completion. Several large events are hosted on the Pentagon Reservation on an annual basis, such as Rolling Thunder, the Marine Corps Marathon, and the Army 10-Miler. Formal events such as the induction of Congressional Medal of Honor winners into the Hall of Heroes are also supported.
Fire Protection, Safety, Environmental, and Building Code Compliance
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Program — WHS supports the Alterations Working Group (AWG) in protecting personnel and the environment, ensuring that all regulations related to the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials are followed. WHS also ensures that any hazardous materials that are needed within WHS-supported facilities are stored and appropriately marked, with safety measures in place.
  • Building Code and Plan Review — WHS provides resources to handle building projects, to comply with building codes and meet designated timelines. Safety is the focus of using Building Codes to guide the Plan Review process. WHS Building Plan examiners identify issues and offer alternatives for reaching applicable standards.
  • Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Services — WHS administers a wide range of environmental sustainability efforts from recycling to energy conservation. WHS supports Pentagon facilities in complying with - and where possible, exceeding - environmental standards and regulations. WHS also provides information, guidance, and direction to construction projects on integrating sustainability into both design and construction. For additional information, please visit the Environmental, Sustainability and Energy Branch (ESEB) website (CAC required).

  • Fire Prevention and Life Safety Services — WHS supports the fire prevention program, providing egress mapping, evacuation training, kitchen fire prevention, kitchen suppression system training, fire inspections, and installation and maintenance of fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and fire walls. For additional information, please visit the Pentagon Fire Marshal website (CAC required).

  • Industrial Hygiene — WHS strives to prevent occupational injuries by providing safety and health support to employees, contractors, and visitors through sound safety and health management systems. Managers, employees, and stakeholders are actively involved in hazard identification and abatement, training policy development, and evaluation of activities to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. WHS administers a system for investigating and reporting (CAC required) accidents, physical or health hazards and incidents, and testing air quality. WHS also facilitates CPR/AED training and scooter service for those persons with mobility assistance needs.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Programs — WHS administers the Occupational Safety and Health Program (OSHP) to help prevent and mitigate occupational injuries and illnesses. WHS identifies hazards, minimizes them, and provides reliable, responsive communication. Training in situational awareness is available for employees and customers. Additional information is available on the Occupational Safety and Health Branch website (CAC required).
  • Office of the Pentagon Fire Marshal — WHS administers the Office of the Pentagon Fire Marshal (OPFM). Its mission is to protect lives, property, and minimize business/mission interruption by fostering a fire safe environment. WHS provides education, regulation, enforcement, fire and life safety programs, audits, design review, emergency response, investigation, and data collection. For additional information, please visit the Pentagon Fire Marshal website (CAC required).