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Financial Management Directorate

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The Financial Management Directorate (FMD) provides planning, programming, budgeting & execution, and accounting services to WHS and its customers. These services include budget formulation, defense, and execution; financial management, internal audit, and compliance; budgetary accounting; financial reporting; Official Representation Funds management; purchase card and travel card program management; and resource management.

Expanded resources and additional information on FMD services is available to authorized CAC holders on the Customer Resources page.

Budget Formulation

WHS oversees a fully coordinated, auditable, and accurate budget fully compliant with directives and guidance. WHS provides a single point of contact for interpretation and dissemination of budget guidance, coordination, consolidation, and documentation of budget exhibits. For more information, authorized CAC holders may visit the FMD Customer Resources page.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

WHS supports customer financial reporting by preparing and distributing financial information, to include financial position, performance, accounting metrics, and formal financial reporting. WHS analyzes, interprets, and reports financial data and outcomes on a monthly basis to address cost, performance, and accounting results. For more information, authorized CAC holders may visit the FMD Customer Resources page.

Official Representation Funds (ORF)

WHS allocates, monitors, and reports ORF funds to OSD components for use by designated officials to host authorized official functions and extend official courtesies. WHS ensures utilization compliance with the Financial Management Regulation, DoD Instruction, and OSD policy. For more information, authorized CAC holders may visit the FMD Customer Resources page.

Travel Card Program

WHS administers the OSD/WHS Travel Card Program, facilitating a convenient and readily accepted method of paying official travel expenses while reducing overall administrative costs. The WHS Travel Card Program provides guidance and general information regarding policies, procedures, and documentation related to Travel Cards for card users and approving officials. Authorized WHS customers can learn more on the WHS Travel Card page.


Official photo of the Director, Financial Management Directorate: Ms. Marcia Case

Marcia Case was sworn in as the Director of Financial Management and Chief Financial Executive on February 23, 2015. In this role, she serves as the senior civilian executive and advisor to the Director of Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) on all financial management matters for specified DoD-wide operational and administrative programs. This includes oversight of approximately $10 billion for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), WHS and assigned Department of Defense (DoD) agencies as well as managing accounts for designated offices, programs, and task forces. In addition, Ms. Case is responsible for establishing and administrating the full spectrum of budgetary and financial management policy, programs, and procedures pertaining to funds appropriated for use by OSD, WHS, and other Defense activities as assigned.

Prior to assuming this role, Ms. Case served as the Associate Director for Military Operations for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Operations Directorate from June 2010 to February 2015. She led an organization of senior staff analysts, advising on all matters associated with the Military Services and Combatant Commanders Operation and Maintenance budgets and the Department’s civilian workforce budget. She was also responsible for preparing the base budget and Overseas Contingency Operations budget requests for accounts totaling $128 billion, as well as preparing and presenting briefings to the 3 Star Programmers, Deputy’s Management Action Group, and members of Congress.

From 2007 to 2010, Ms. Case served as the Director for Financial Management, Marine Corps Systems Command, where she led a staff of Marines and civilians and served as the senior financial officer responsible for budget formulation, execution and accounting responsibility for baseline and Overseas Contingency Operations appropriations. She was also responsible for formulating budget requirements, developing budget exhibits, and defending the budget to Navy, OSD and members of Congress. Her past assignments also include Headquarters Marine Corps, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Comptroller, Defense Contract Management Agency, and Defense Logistics Agency. Ms. Case entered the Senior Executive Service in June 2010.

Ms. Case graduated in 2003 from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management.


The WHS Customer Resources site provides contact information to authorized CAC holders for the following FMD services: Audit Readiness, Accounting, Budget Execution, and Program and Budget Formulation.