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Acquisition Directorate

A man presenting a contract on a clipboard for signatureThe Acquisition Directorate (AD) is the Single Enterprise Contracting Office (SECO), providing acquisition services to all OSD components, significantly reducing annual OSD contracting costs. AD plans, coordinates, and manages the procurement programs essential to the mission of WHS, the Office of the Director of Administration and Management and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. AD programs support Pentagon renovation, construction, professional and other services, commodities and supplies, major communication and information technology systems, and special programs totaling over $900 million a year. The Director of the Acquisition Directorate is Ms. Linda Allen.

Expanded resources and additional information on AD services is available to authorized CAC holders on the Customer Resources page.

Acquisition Management

WHS administers an effective program of acquisitions management, covering the availability of equipment and supplies for facilities, construction, furniture services, etc.

Contract Support

WHS provides guidance, tools, and streamlined processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the WHS service delivery model. Services cover contract change modifications, contract options exercised prior to expiration, task orders and delivery, and negotiated Sole Source and Full and Open Competition.

Office Supplies and Services

WHS provides supplies and services for all non-Information Technology equipment, such as:

  • Office Supplies and Equipment – WHS is responsible for the acquisition of office equipment and furnishings such as appliances and filing cabinets, as well as office supply orders over $3,000
  • Office Services – WHS administers multiple office services. WHS provides foreign language interpreters, transcription and translation support; and approves and processes requests for printing, and newspaper and magazine subscriptions
Small Business Programs

WHS promotes the practice of utilizing small businesses to fill WHS acquisition requirements. Several WHS outreach programs provide interested small businesses with acquisition information as well as guidance on procedures for targeted marketing to WHS, the Department of Defense, and the Federal Government. Additional information is available on the Office of Small Business Programs page


Official photo of the Director, Acquisitions Directorate: Ms. Linda Allen

Linda Allen was selected to serve as the Director of the Acquisitions Directorate (formerly Acquisition and Procurement Office), on March 28, 2010.

Ms. Allen serves as the principal advisor for all matters related to acquisition and procurement for the Director of Administration and Management (DA&M), Director of Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) as well as advising Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) components. Her office provides operational contracting support services for the DA&M, WHS, and others within OSD to include the immediate staff of the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense. Additional responsibilities include acquisition planning, technical guidance, and business strategy development for all programs under the direction of WHS, DA&M, and OSD components, as well as management of the civilian, military, and contractor workforce responsible for budget developments, estimates, and execution; establishing and proliferating acquisition policy; and ensuring full compliance with all acquisition and procurement laws and regulations.

Prior to beginning her civilian career, Ms. Allen served on active duty in the U.S. Navy from 1984 through 1991. She also served with the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1991 through 1994.

In 2001, Ms. Allen received a master's degree in Contract Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. She also holds a master's in Public Administration from Golden Gate University and a bachelor's in Business Administration from Misericordia University.


To learn more about the Acquisition Directorate, including specific service and contact information, authorized CAC holders should visit the WHS Customer Resources page.