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Frequently Asked Questions

A graphic with the a 3-D representation of the letters FAQ in blue and a computer mouse attachedThis page contains a list of FAQs and their answers that relate to small businesses and Government procurement.

  1. How can I find out about WHS procurement opportunities?

    WHS procurement opportunities are posted at the FedBizOpps website. WHS notices and opportunities are found under Other Defense Agencies. Additional opportunities are available through GSA Advantage and GSA e-Buy.

  2. How can I put my small business on the WHS "bidders list"?

    WHS does not maintain a "bidders list." All firms desiring to do business need only maintain a current registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS).

  3. How can I ensure that my small business is being considered/included in the market research for WHS acquisitions?

    Initially WHS uses two primary sources for its market research—the SAM and the SBA DSBS. It is imperative that your company's profiles in these two databases be 100% complete and accurate at all times. Pay particular attention to these data fields: Capabilities Narrative Keywords, Bonding Information (if applicable) and Contact Information (e.g., phone and e-mail). Searches in these databases often initially produce lists with dozens or even hundreds of small businesses on them. Another very important thing to do is to respond to Request for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought synopsis that are posted on FebBizOpps.

  1. What's the difference between WHS acquisitions and acquisitions by the Pentagon?

    WHS is an "Other Defense Agency" within the Department of Defense. WHS is focused mainly on the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the Pentagon building itself and the surrounding grounds. WHS also provides acquisition support to select components of the Office of the Secretary of Defense on an as-needed basis. There are a host of DoD agencies located in the Pentagon for which WHS' contracting office is not the contracting agent as those agencies have their own contracting authority.

Office of Small Business Programs
  1. What is the primary function of the WHS Office of Small Business Programs?

    The WHS Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) is one of many such offices located throughout the Department of Defense. Each contracting/acquisition office within DoD has one or more persons performing the same or similar duties. The primary role of each of these offices is to monitor their organization's requirements and to ensure the use of small businesses to fulfill those requirements to the maximum extent possible. There are also a number of other associated responsibilities. Among them are outreach and education. The WHS OSBP conducts outreach designed to publicize WHS acquisitions among small businesses. This allows small businesses to determine whether or not they provide products and/or services utilized by WHS and whether or not it would be beneficial for them to market their company to WHS. By way of education, the WHS OSBP offers general advice and guidance on all Federal small business programs, but also provides more detailed information on the Federal acquisition process and how small businesses can utilize and benefit from the Federal programs available to them.

  2. What role does the WHS Office of Small Business Programs play in WHS acquisitions?

    The WHS Office of Small Business Programs has a very important role at various phases of the acquisition process. This office participates early in acquisition planning by assisting program managers and contracting officers in defining requirements and accomplishing adequate market research. For all WHS acquisitions over $10,000 the OSBP accomplishes a review to determine (based on market research results and other considerations) whether or not it is appropriate to set aside the acquisition for small business participation as a prime contractor or as subcontractor when a prime opportunity isn't appropriate. During source selection the small business office participates in proposal past performance reviews, and after award, participates in post-award conferences.