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WHS Celebrates a "Spirit of Service"

A picture of a diverse group of DoD employees receiving recognition for public service

Celebrated the first week of May since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is a nationwide public education campaign sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service to honor the men and women who serve our Nation as federal, state, county, and local government employees. WHS shares the importance of public service across its customer reach by organizing the annual “Spirit of Service” Ceremony and Concert in the Pentagon to recognize Department of Defense (DoD) recipients in the National Capital Region.

This year’s theme for PSRW, "Why I Serve," is meant to inspire federal employees to share stories about why they answered the call to serve and what accomplishments they are most proud of as public servants. To capture this theme, the “Spirit of Service” Ceremony recognized 34 outstanding Department of Defense public servants that embody the core values of Honor, Integrity, and Excellence in their everyday service.

WHS efforts also help to spread awareness of public service beyond the Department. Each year as a part of PSRW, WHS arranges a visit to the Pentagon by a group of students from the DoD’s adopted school, John Tyler Elementary School of Washington, DC. Student visitors participate in various activities throughout the day to learn about the Department and the important work that takes place in the Nation’s defense headquarters. WHS hopes to inspire the next generation to consider public service as an honorable career path.

For more insight on Partnership for Public Service, visit the official Public Service Recognition Week website.

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