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WHS Documents DoD History through Pentagon Exhibits Program

A picture of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, center, Korean Ambassador to the United States Ahn Ho-young, left, and National Director of the Korean War Veterans Association Lew Ewing, cut the ribbon to dedicate a new instillation in the Pentagon to commemorate the Korean War on June 18, 2013

WHS plays a key role in creating and managing the Office of the Secretary of Defense historical exhibits in the Pentagon. WHS’s graphics team is responsible for over 30 hallway exhibits and numerous smaller displays. These exhibits are not intended as mere decoration. Rather, they are designed to educate and inform viewers of the Department of Defense’s history, history makers, and achievements. The Pentagon receives over 100,000 visitors annually through public tours, which include a wide range of people, from elementary school children to foreign dignitaries. Through the exhibits, WHS helps share the most important moments in the Department’s history with all who walk the halls of the Pentagon.

WHS recently dedicated the 60th Commemoration of the Korean War Exhibit. This unique exhibit features large backlit newspaper articles proclaiming the beginning and conclusion of the War, video footage, Medal of Honor recipient photographs, and other still imagery from the era. The Korean War is often referred to as the “Forgotten War” because returning soldiers in the 1950s received little acknowledgment or decoration. The exhibit was designed to honor those who served by telling their stories.

Currently, a Vietnam War commemorative exhibit is being developed.

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