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WHS Manages and Operates the Pentagon Library

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Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) manages and operates the Pentagon Library, with locations both at the Pentagon and the newly established Mark Center. Over the years, the Pentagon Library has unfailingly served the mission of the Department of Defense by providing the right information at the right time and place.

For Pentagon badge holders, the Pentagon Library offers inter-library lending requests, research query assistance, and even language instruction programs. Additionally, local academic institutions have the benefit of shared access to select documents. With an extensive digitized military documents collection, some materials are even available for online public access. The Pentagon Library also responds to Freedom of Information Act requests to ensure the general public has access to Department of Defense information.

Opened in 1944 in the center of the Pentagon, the Pentagon Library housed over 250,000 bound volumes, 2,000,000 pieces of micro-graphics, classified and confidential records, and historical military documents. At present, the Pentagon Library and Conference Center is an established cornerstone of the Pentagon reservation and oversees a satellite location at the Mark Center. Over 80,000 rotating E-Book titles cater to customers across all Department facilities and the Pentagon Library itself contains over 100,000 physical volumes. A unique collection of resources and sharply defined customer base allow the librarians to truly tailor their services to the evolving needs of the Department and the security of our Nation.

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