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Supporting Transparency in Finance

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Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) oversees a $5.5 billion budget in support of key DoD activities. Supported activities include the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudication Facility, WHS itself, as well as other designated offices, programs, and task forces. The financial services offered to these DoD activities include budget communications and documentation, expert analysis, financial performance metrics and reporting, and Official Representation Funds (ORF).

WHS oversees a fully coordinated, auditable, and accurate budget program fully compliant with directives and guidance. They provide a single point of contact for interpretation and dissemination of budget guidance, coordination, consolidation, and documentation of exhibits. By overseeing an auditable and accurate budget, WHS ensures financial transparency for all the activities it supports.

Recently, WHS instituted a new computer system to increase data quality and data processes, and to enhance the customer experience. The new enterprise resource planning system is not just a database; it is multiple 3D databases with process flow, allowing for increased system integration. WHS customers have increased input into this system to enable greater accountability and transparency. Ongoing system training is available from WHS to provide the best customer service possible.

WHS supports customer financial reporting by preparing and distributing financial information illustrating financial position, performance, accounting metrics, and formal financial reporting. This also includes analysis, interpretation, and reporting of financial data and outcomes on a monthly basis to address cost, performance, and accounting results.

Allocating, monitoring, and reporting ORF funds to OSD is a function of WHS to enable designated officials to host authorized official functions and extend official courtesies. WHS also ensures utilization compliance with the Financial Management Regulation, DoD Instructions, and OSD policy.

Overseeing a $5.5 billion budget requires checks and balances at every step. WHS ensures compliance with all government regulations and guidance to deliver the best possible customer service.

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