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WHS Provides IT Support to Thousands in the DoD

Photo features a man and a woman in an office setting. The woman is seated at a desk with a computer, the man stands next to her.  The man is explaining something about the computer.

WHS provides information technology (IT) support to approximately 16,000 users throughout the National Capital Region (NCR) including users at the Pentagon and within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In order to support its customers, WHS provides a wide range of IT services including standard productivity tools. These tools include: desktop work stations, laptops and other mobility devices, printers, and enterprise email support that includes calendars, contact lists, and file sharing. WHS also provides IT collaboration services that include wikis, portals, content management, and voice, audio and video teleconferencing, enabling customers to communicate and share information. Additionally, commercially wired and wireless voice and data services are provided to WHS customers to enable world-wide communication.

Some of WHS’ significant IT accomplishments during 2013 were the complete migration of all customers to an enterprise-wide e-mail system and the implementation of new teleworking technology. These WHS IT technologies advance customer readiness through streamlined, secure access to data.

IT support is integral to WHS customers, as computers are a daily essential to most DoD workers. Not only does WHS bring its customers newer and faster computer systems to process information, they also safeguard information through technology and infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. WHS also provides regular information assurance training in coordination with the Defense Information Systems Agency, U.S. Army Information Technology Agency and the WHS/Human Resources Directorate Training Division.

Because IT needs and capabilities are ever evolving, WHS is continuously looking ahead for ways to provide advanced functionality to its customers. Upcoming upgrades include moving to Defense Information Services Agency enterprise services, swapping older printers for more efficient multi-function printers that will increase commonality and provide greater capability across the enterprise. WHS will also provide access to browser-based collaboration and document management platform sites, which gives customers a better way to share information and documents across organizations.

With WHS prepared to implement the changes necessary for optimum readiness, WHS IT customers can look forward to new technological advances.

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