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Partnership in Education


Picture of school chair desk with apple and notebook with pencil on desk, and a stack of books under the deskThe Partnership in Education (PIE) Program was adopted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense in 1984 as part of President Reagan's initiative to revitalize the Nation's schools. Volunteers from throughout the Office of the Secretary of Defense responded by adopting classrooms from John Tyler Elementary School and have periodically provided opportunities for students to visit the Pentagon and obtain a wider perspective of what military and civilian members of the defense team do within their respective roles. Those experiences provide students with an exclusive look at how DoD accomplishes its mission, and gives them a vision of potential and achievable career choices in their future.

Additionally, DoD employees voluntarily participate in school projects such as tutors for basic subjects, speakers at special programs, donate food and gifts at Thanksgiving and the "Spirit of Service" Shadow Day, and serve as judges for science projects. The Program is administered through the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity who assists in the scheduling and coordination between John Tyler Elementary School and organizations within the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the WHS Serviced Components.

Future planning calls for the incorporation of additional schools into the Partnership in Education Tutoring Program.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity organizes a food drive for several John Tyler Elementary School families. Hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food and canned goods are donated each year. The Food Drive has historically provided Thanksgiving meals to each of the needy families at John Tyler.

Holiday Gift Drive

The Office of EEOD also organizes a gift drive for John Tyler students. OSD organizations sponsor entire classrooms to ensure each student will get a present for the Winter holidays. The Facilities Services directorate assists by collecting donations at various entrances of the Pentagon, Mark Center, and other WHS staffed buildings. All the gifts are then transported to John Tyler Elementary School and distributed to the students.

Public Service Recognition Week (PSRS) "Spirit of Service" Shadow Day

During Public Service Recognition Week, students are exposed to DoD missions and occupations available within the Department. The Director of Administration and Management hosts the Public Service Recognition "Spirit of Service" Shadow Day, where 20 students from the John Tyler Elementary School visit the Pentagon and learn about the importance of public service through structured events throughout the day, culminating with a K-9 Working Dog demonstration by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in supporting the OSD PIE Program, please contact the EEOD at 571-372-0832.