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Diversity, Affirmative Employment, and Inclusion Program

Picture of a diverse group of people smilingThe Department of Defense is firmly committed to developing and sustaining a culture and fostering an environment where diversity is valued and leveraged, all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and have equal access to opportunity. Moreover, our leaders are called to embrace a workforce that is reflective of our nation as a whole. The pursuit of diversity in the workforce can best be advanced by a combination of knowledge and actions. It starts with commitment from top management coupled with a diligent desire from the total workforce. EEOD has developed an aggressive training program with an emphasis on empowering all personnel to create and implement actions that will contribute to an inclusive work environment. Practicing inclusive management creates a high performing work environment where all employees become optimal contributors to the objectives that directly support the Department's mission. EEOD's diversity program incorporates strategic workforce analysis, evaluation of policies, practices and procedures that may benefit or hinder diversity and inclusion efforts, and the creation of action plans consistent with the development of a model EEO, diversity and inclusion environment.

There are seven simple steps to achieving a representative workforce.

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