Role of the ADR Manager

The ADR Manager:
  • serves as an organizational neutral
  • remains impartial and unbiased
  • listens to complaints and problems without criticism
  • facilitates constructive dialogue between parties
  • helps analyze complex and difficult problems
  • explores options for resolving concerns
  • facilitates non-adversarial approaches for resolving concerns
  • preserves confidentiality to the maximum extent permitted by law
  • treats all parties equally with dignity and respect
  • serves as a feedback mechanism for organizational climate issues
  • assists WHS serviced customers seek explanation on policies and procedures
  • assists individuals and groups with alternatives for early problem resolution
The ADR Manager does not:
  • advocate for any individual
  • conduct formal investigations
  • serve as a witness or testify in formal proceedings
  • accept or provide notice of an alleged violation
  • serve as part of any formal grievance or complaint process
  • share information with others without an individual's knowledge and permission
  • issue investigative reports of any kind
  • make or change policy or administrative decisions
  • make binding decisions
  • compel anyone to act