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Conflict Resolution Skills Training

This course allows employees, supervisors and managers to learn essential skills for better dealing with workplace conflict.

Course Objectives
  • Understand costs, types and catalysts of conflict
  • Examine the dynamic impact of culture on perception
  • Reduce fear of conflict by learning "resolution behaviors"
  • Assess personal approaches and styles of conflict resolution
  • Learn/Review/Practice in-depth communication skills
Sensing Sessions

At the request of a Director, the ADR Manager will lead sensing sessions with small groups of employees who have volunteered to participate. The sessions preserve the anonymity of the participants so they may speak freely without any threat of retribution. Everyone was assured that their voice would be heard. The supervisors are not invited to participate in the employee sessions, which helps the employees feel they can be honest about their feelings. Sessions can also be held for supervisors. The size of the group is kept small, to allow everyone an opportunity to speak. Typical topics include the work environment, duties, professional relationships, significant challenges, and recommendations for improvement.

Climate Surveys

At the request of a Director, the ADR Manager will make an electronic survey available to employees. The survey is managed by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) and the report is sent to the ADR Manager. The survey covers various aspects of the work environment, including EEO aspects, support from upper management, and organizational cohesiveness. Participants have an opportunity to add their own comments. All participants are anonymous; only aggregate responses to the questions are provided, along with the comments. EEOD creates an Executive Summary, based on the report, and gives it to the Director. If a Director feels that more information is needed, Sensing Sessions may be requested.