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Frequently Asked Questions

A graphic with a 3-D representation of the letters FAQ in blue and a computer mouse attachedListed below are frequently asked questions relating to the Navy Annex Demolition.

  1. Why is the Navy Annex being demolished?

    In accordance with the FY 2000 Defense Authorizations Act, the Office of the Secretary of Defense is responsible for transferring approximately 42 acres occupied by the Navy Annex and adjacent land to the Department of the Army for Arlington National Cemetery use. To meet this objective, the building must be demolished, improvements on the property must be removed, and the land must be restored as open green space for future Arlington National Cemetery use.

  2. How has the history of this building been preserved?

    Over the past two years, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) has worked with the National Register of Historic Places, local historical preservation societies, and Department of Defense historical offices to ensure that the unique history of this building is preserved for future generations.

  1. When will demolition of the building begin?

    Community members and other stakeholders can anticipate seeing construction personnel on-site beginning late September. Demolition of the building exterior will not begin until the removal of any interior recyclable or hazardous materials is complete.

  2. Why does it appear that no work is going on? I only see a few trucks and workers when I pass by the Navy Annex.

    The primary reason is that the work is being conducted in five phases:

    Once all of the interior work is done, you will see actual demolition of the outside shell begin, commencing with Wing 1. This pattern will be repeated for the remaining 6 wings.

    1. Abatement and removal of hazardous materials (interior work)
    2. Removal of recyclable materials (interior work)
    3. Demolition of the facility (outside work)
    4. Removal of debris (outside work)
    5. Restoration of the land after all man-made improvements are removed (outside work)
  3. What are the work hours for the project?

    Normal hours of operation (M-F): 6:00am - 6:30 pm. Arrive on site at 6:ooam and start actual work within the first hour. Shut down in reverse. (Varies based on daily activities)

    Most Saturday hours of operation: 7:00am - 5:00 pm. Arrive on site at 7:00am and start actual work within the first hour. Shut down in reverse. (Varies based on daily activities)

  4. All of the buildings and infrastructure appear to be gone. When is the work going to be finished?

    Ongoing work is focused on the restoration of the land, as all man-made improvements have been removed. Prior to the land restoration, a verification process to ensure that all man-made improvements are indeed gone must be completed. The next step in the restoration process is to achieve the proper sloping and storm water management controls, which must be established prior to finally planting grass on the land.

  5. How long is the entire project expected to take?

    The project will be conducted in five phases: abatement and removal of hazardous materials, removal of recyclable materials, demolition of the facility, removal of debris, and restoration of the land after all man-made improvements are removed. Due to some normal delays, the project will be completed entirely in 13 months. Additional work finalizing the site will resume for 90 days beginning in March 2014. This last phase will involve the removal of specialized debris and additional reseeding.

  6. I thought the demolition work was completed, yet I see construction personnel still removing debris from the sites, what is going on?
    We are ensuring the areas are suitable for future use by Arlington National Cemetery for burials. Work that you see is removing debris that was not addressed by the initial demolition effort.

Future Use
  1. Who or what organization will receive this land?

    The land on which the Navy Annex currently sits has been turned over to the Department of the Army. Upon completion of all demolition activities, the land will be transferred to Arlington National Cemetery.

  2. How will the land be used in the future?

    This land will be used by Arlington National Cemetery for the burial of our nation's eligible military veterans and their eligible family members.

Community Impact
  1. How will the community be impacted by the demolition?

    The main impact will be on the Foxcroft Heights Community to the west of the Navy Annex site. An outreach plan is in place for the exchange of information between WHS and The Foxcroft Heights Community Association. Traffic impact will be minimal on Columbia Pike and Joyce Street. Traffic on Southgate Road will be constrained during parts of the work.

  2. I thought Southgate is a public road? If the Navy Annex is closed, why is the DoD still enforcing a no parking zone on a portion of Southgate Road?

    Yes, Southgate is a public road that connects Joyce Street to the Joint Base. It has two tiers: a lower (Southern) portion, and an upper (Northern) portion. The lower portion of Southgate Road contains public parking. Parking on the upper portion historically has been controlled by the DoD.

    During the hiatus between closing the facility and turning the site over to the contractor, DoD did not enforce the "no parking unless you have a DoD sticker" on the upper portion of the road. The DoD is enforcing this once again as a no public parking zone because the area will be used by contractor personnel and trucks. The DoD wants to keep the road safe for use by the public while ensuring the contractor can perform the work required by the contract without injuring anyone or damaging any vehicles. The Foxcroft Heights Community Association and Arlington County officials are aware of the no-parking enforcement.

  3. How will the work from summer to late fall 2014 impact the community?
    This new work will have no impact on the community. Steps will be taken to not impact the traffic flow on Joyce Street as trucks leave the former Gas Station & former Navy Annex Parking lot.