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WHS makes extensive transportation support available to personnel supporting key DoD activities in the National Capital Region.

To learn more about a specific service, including contact information, authorized CAC holders should visit the WHS Customer Resources and Employee Intranet pages.

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Service Listing

Commuting and Transportation Options

WHS supports employees living in the National Capital Region with information regarding a wide variety of economical and environmentally friendly transportation options, depending on the desired schedule and point of origin. WHS provides resources to help commuters identify transportation options that best fit their needs, including DoD shuttles, local bus routes, and ridesharing.

Mass Transportation Benefit Program

WHS administers the DoD National Capital Region Mass Transportation Benefit Program (MTBP). The MTBP is a transportation benefit provided to eligible DoD employees and military service members who take mass transportation for their commute between home and work.

Parking Management

WHS administers parking access, to optimize the limited number of parking spaces available at the Pentagon and Mark Center. WHS reviews parking programs periodically to ensure the most effective utilization of available parking spaces.

Travel Card Program

WHS administers the OSD/WHS Travel Card Program, facilitating a convenient and readily accepted method of paying official travel expenses while reducing overall administrative costs. The WHS Travel Card Program provides guidance and general information regarding policies, procedures, and documentation related to travel cards for card users and approving officials. Authorized WHS customers can learn more on the WHS Travel Card page.